New Forum

New Forum

We are thrilled to announce a new and exciting addition to our community – the AES Southern Florida Section Forum! As technology continues to evolve, we recognize the importance of providing our members with a centralized platform to connect, share insights, and foster discussions within our vibrant audio engineering community.


Key Features:


Centralized Hub: Our forum will serve as a centralized hub for all things AES Southern Florida. It's a dedicated space where you can engage in discussions, share experiences, and connect with fellow audio enthusiasts.

User-Friendly Experience: Your convenience is our priority. To streamline the process, we've made it easy for you to access the forum using your email address as the username and your AES Member ID (as seen on your membership card) as the password. This ensures a seamless and personalized experience.

Exclusive Member Access: The forum is exclusively for AES Southern Florida Section members, providing you with a private and secure environment to interact with like-minded individuals.

Easy Maintenance: Unlike social networks that can get overwhelming, our forum is designed to be easy to maintain and navigate. It's the ideal platform for staying informed about the latest Section updates, events, and discussions.


Why a Forum?


While we understand the importance of social networks, we believe that a dedicated forum on our Section website offers unique advantages:

Centralization: All relevant discussions and information are conveniently housed in one location, making it easy for you to find what you need without navigating through multiple platforms.

Community Building: Forums foster a sense of community by encouraging ongoing, in-depth conversations. Share your knowledge, seek advice, and connect with others who share your passion for audio engineering.

Knowledge Repository: Over time, the forum will become a valuable repository of shared knowledge and experiences. Find answers to common questions, access resources, and contribute to the collective wisdom of our Section.


Join Us Today:


To access the AES Southern Florida Section Forum, simply log in using your email as the username and your AES Member ID number as the password. Your journey into our online audio community awaits!

We understand the importance of embracing various communication channels, and while we will continue to leverage social networks, we believe the forum will become an indispensable tool for our Section.


Thank you for being an integral part of the AES Southern Florida Section. We look forward to seeing you on the forum!

Best regards,

The Board

Revitalizing South Florida AES: A New Chapter Begins

Revitalizing South Florida AES: A New Chapter Begins

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